1948 The startup stage of the factory. The factory was using old type yarn twisters and only supplied cotton threads for the domestic market.

1961 Increased sales in cotton threads meant that the main factory was expanded to meet the demand.

1967 The factory adopted a modern organization structure, purchased new machines and produced nylon twines. Net weaving machines were also brought in from Japan to produce nylon fishing nets.

1969 Collaboration with a famous net weaving factory from Japan further improved technical skills and product quality.

1969 The finished products were exported all over the world including Japan, North America, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Australia.

1970 Due to our outstanding export performance, the Ministry of Economic Affairs frequently awarded us with trophies. The existing factory was also set up to capture the international markets.

1994 Invested USD 20 million in Vietnam to establish Ching Fa Co., Ltd. (Vietnam)

1995 Started setting up the Vietnam factories and brought back 40 Vietnamese to Taiwan as trainees. Hired computer personnel and procured computer equipment to setup computer networks.

1996 Completed the Vietnam factories and started exporting from there.

1997 We imported again the latest webbing machines, CAD type, from TOYOKOYO, Japan.

2002 We were certified with ISO 9001 - 2000.

2002 Increased land space in Vietnam by 25,000 square meters, along with a project of expanding the factory being under way. Meanwhile, total amount of investment was increased up to 24 million US dollar.

2003 Completion of expanding the factory in Vietnam, with production of Raschel knotless nets being added.

2004 Ching Fa merged Chin Sheng in January in Taiwan, with Ching Fa being the existing company. After the merger, totally registered capital was turned into 7.43 million US dollar.

2004 In August, its totally registered capital was increased up to 8.18 million US dollar shortly after a reserved profit 0.75 million US dollar was added.

2005 The project of scrap-and-buy on machines and equipments was moving forward in Vietnam.

2006 The factory in Vietnam was honorably certified with ISO9001-2000.

2007 The factory in Taiwan was renewed with an increase of cash 0.72 million US dollar, making its totally registered capital up to 8.89 million US dollar.