The ocean occupies three quarters of the earth's surface and the living organisms within are an important food source for man.

After the United Nations passed the Convention of the Sea in 1982, which added designated economic sea regions to protected areas, many countries quickly claimed their portion of the ocean.

These countries restricted the economic activities within their regions and protected their ocean resources.

Since the populated areas in Taiwan are mostly close to the coast, the residents have a close relationship with the ocean.

Ching Fa Co., Ltd. Received ISO 9001 certification in 2003 and has earned a good reputation in the fishing net manufacturing industry.

Our products enjoy good sales performance in the global market and have won much praise.

Our goal is to perfect our products and we have set a high standard with our quality assurance program.

We are continuously bringing in new technologies and developing existing systems.

Our effort also involves collaboration with the National Kaohsiung Marine University and the National Sun Yat-sen University to research and develop new fishing equipment to meet the demands of the fishing industry.

Strict, cautious and reliable corporate values contributed to the success of Ching Fa Co., Ltd. Our success also corresponded with the rise of Taiwan's fishing industry. The major developments of our company include: