Ching Fas continues research, innovation and design efforts. In terms of environmental protection: Ching Fa promotes 5S to improve the quality of the environment by establishing wastewater treatment plants to lower water and environmental pollution.

Furthermore, Ching Fa appoints professionals to be in charge of environmental protection work, such as contracting external professionals to inspect air pollution levels, saving energy, embellishing plant areas, and reducing industrial waste.

Not only give it a competitive advantage to gain a huge domestic market share, but also promote the products to South East Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

In those regions, Ching Fa has developed an outstanding sales network and good reputation. In regard to the nearby PR China market, we hope to enter this market by applying our know-how, innovation and past successful experience.

Ching Fa is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of purse seine nets, cage nets, and set nets in Taiwan. Within the next five years, we hope to collaborate with the global sales network and become a global leader in the fishing gear industry.

Ching Fa does not only wish to supply nets, fishing lines, ropes and etc, but also aims to be synonymous with high quality suppliers in the fishing gear industry.

Ching Fa's most important goal is to become a complete supplier, by providing consultation, plans, technology transfers and fishing gear package, to clients to achieve win-win situation.